IT Security Consulting
“we recognize that IT Security is more than just deploying the right product.”

We are an industry-leading provider of network security solutions incorporating products, professional services, and implementation. Our elite team of experts understands complex security issues and works with a wide range of best-of-breed technologies to develop comprehensive, customized solutions that precisely and efficiently meet each client’s specific needs. From traditional security offerings to the newest technologies to protect against advanced threats, ICT Infrastructure Solutions’s sole mission is to protect its customers’ business assets from any internal or external threat.

ICT Infrastructure Solutions partners with leading manufacturers of security solutions, selecting and specifying solutions designed to best meet each client’s network security demands. Our highly-trained technical specialists evaluate the best options, combining the right products and professional services into cost-effective security solutions that deliver uncompromising quality, reliability and value, to support business-IT systems.

IT Security can be overwhelming at first glance. There are dozens of potential types of vulnerable systems, and hundreds of products available in the marketplace to address them. And, since no two organizations are completely alike, how can you know what potential problem area to tackle first, let alone which solution with which to tackle that problem (and at the right cost)?

At ICT Infrastructure Solutions, we specialize in IT Security. We make it our business to know the things that threaten your data, and how well each product or solution works in each situation. This allows us to help you assess your environment for risks and find the right solution that fits your organization’s risk profile, industry compliance mandates as well as your IT security budget.
Our team of security specialists can then help you deploy most security solutions available in the marketplace. Indeed, we perform product implementations on behalf of very well-known vendors in the Security space.

While vendors make their products easier and easier to deploy these days, there are still many obscure or vaguely described options that, if set incorrectly, can make your investment in the new product you just purchased almost useless. Our team specializes in these solution and know which subtle implementation options are right for your environment, ensuring that your recent product purchase actually protects your valuable data.

We also go further than deploying products. Our security experts can help you craft a long-term IT security strategy and roadmap. We can help you secure your base systems (such as laptops, mobile devices, servers, Active Directory…) to raise your Security baseline and make your investment in additional solutions even more effective. We can also conduct a Security Assessment in which we actively scan your wired and wireless networks for vulnerabilities (including your datacenter or even Cloud provider) which can help you pass compliance audits and/or reduce your insurance premiums.

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